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Letter: Mandela inspired beyond his borders

Former South African president Nelson Mandela at the

Former South African president Nelson Mandela at the Mandela foundation in Johannesburg during a meeting with a group of American and South African students as part of a series of activities leading to Mandela Day on July 18. (June 2, 2009) Credit: AP

Nelson Mandela was almost 30 years in prison and was falsely imprisoned for his battle against apartheid ["A symbol for justice," News, Dec. 6].

Upon his release, one of his first acts was to forgive those who imprisoned him and stole much of his life. His love, his wisdom, his humanity defeated hate and ignorance. A nation was changed forever.

All of humanity witnessed what one person can achieve. Mandela accomplished much with a demeanor that was humble. May he rest in peace.

Steven Taub, Melville