Even if we pretend that carbon dioxide levels aren’t increasing and causing record-high temperature levels that are engendering higher sea levels with concurrent flooding, there are other equally important reasons to develop our nation’s supply of clean energy [“LIPA OKs $740M wind farm project,” News, Jan. 25].

As long as we rely on Middle East oil, America’s national security is at risk. Politically unstable governments threaten our access to oil, draw us into expensive, bloody conflicts and cause us to mediate between cultural and religious conflicts that we cannot resolve.

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No energy source provides a free ride. To be human is to affect our environment. A 50-mile undersea power cable from a wind farm off Rhode Island will have some negative impact, but it pales in comparison to oil spills, thousands of miles of oil pipelines and chemical pollution from hydraulic fracturing.

Guy Jacob, Elmont

Editor’s note: The writer is conservation chairman of the Nassau Hiking & Outdoor Club.