I would like to clarify some assertions in "Doctor found in park" [News, Sept. 7]. While it is true that the police dog and his handlers found Dr. Jerome Nadler, it was a team of workers from Jones Beach State Park, who were only minutes away from searching the area where he was found, who brought him water, checked his vital signs, covered him with their jackets to keep him warm, and carried him out of the dense thicket.

This crew, along with the group from the Long Island Search and Rescue, the Single Trackers Search and Rescue, and the Civil Air Patrol, were combing every inch of Caleb Smith State Park Preserve.

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Long Island's state Department of Environmental Conservation forest rangers drew up and instituted a search plan that was capable of finding a needle in a haystack. It was through the dedication and hard work of all these individuals and organizations that Nadler was found.

Steve Berner, Shoreham

Editor's note: The writer is a member of Single Trackers, an independent search and rescue group.