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Letter: Marijuana brings more crime

Federal prosecutors say two Canadian men have been

Federal prosecutors say two Canadian men have been convicted of running a marijuana smuggling operation that brought more than 11 tons of pot across New York's northern border. Photo Credit: AP

When I was in school, we were taught not to use marijuana because it could lead to dependency on stronger drugs. We were also told that it changed the way our brains work.

Now, according to "U.S. spike in adult pot use" [News, Oct. 22], most people favor legalizing pot use. I think people other than those who want marijuana legalized for medical reasons are looking for ways to make life appear better: a brief moment in time to take the edge off stress.

Many unhappy people are looking for an answer in marijuana. But I believe drug use is connected to crime, and all the laws passed so far are not protecting us enough.

Something is so missing in people's lives that they feel they have nothing to lose by venting their anger and frustration in violence. Is using marijuana going to benefit us in any way or stop the carnage that is happening every day?

Julie L. Newman, West Babylon