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Letter: Marriage changes and news coverage

In regards to your coverage of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, I feel the Newsday writers simply didn't portray both sides of the story fairly. There were multiple articles talking about all the positives of the ruling, as well as reactions from those in support of the ruling.

However, in "Supporters overjoyed, but critics denounce decision" [News, June 27], Newsday gave a grand total of three paragraphs of coverage quoting those against the ruling. Even as someone who supports gay marriage, I think this kind of coverage is hardly fair or balanced.

Alex Summers, Rockville Centre

Opponents of same-sex marriage fail to understand that opposite-sex marriage will not change.

People of the opposite sex can still get married as they always have and enjoy all the same benefits they have always enjoyed. Traditional marriage is still traditional marriage.

Jim Seitz, Port Jefferson Station