I was surprised to see a letter that suggested that because same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide, transgender marriage should also be made legal ["Same-sex ruling too far, or not enough?," June 30]. I'm confused as to why the letter writer thinks it isn't already.

The U.S. Supreme Court declared that marriage is a fundamental right under the 14th Amendment, regardless of the participants' sexes. Therefore, it's legal for transgender individuals to marry in all states, regardless of their own biological sexes or gender identities or those of their partners.

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While the lead plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges was a gay man, the ruling does not apply only to gay men -- or women.

I agree that transgender individuals still have a long way to go in defeating mainstream bias and achieving lawful recognition and protection of their gender identities, but the marriage-equality fight for everyone in the American LGBT community is largely over.

Matthew Zeidman, New Hyde Park