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Letter: Marriage is more than procreation

Patrick Plain, left, and Seong Man Hong, both

Patrick Plain, left, and Seong Man Hong, both of New York, celebrate after getting married at the City Clerk's office in New York. Photo Credit: AP, 2011

The Rev. Daniel S. Hamilton's letter ["Same-sex unions aren't marriages," Aug. 6] deserves comment. To state that a person enters a heterosexual marriage for the sole purpose of generating children is no longer valid.

What if it were legal for a couple to marry only if they procreate? What about all the heterosexual couples who are infertile? Or an elderly couple who find love for the second time?

The purpose of marriage, in this day and age, is not specifically to generate children. It is about love. The Defense of Marriage Act must be eliminated, and it has nothing to do with nature or God.

Same-sex couples enter into marriage for the same reason as heterosexual couples. This is about equality. Period.

The Rev. Beverly L. Boyarsky, North Babylon

Editor's note: The writer is a minister with Beacon of Light Ministry.