After reading "LI village bans sales of medical marijuana" [Oct. 12], I was astounded by the callousness displayed by residents and government officials across Long Island.

The Compassionate Care Act of 2014 is supposed to allow New Yorkers suffering from serious medical conditions, such as cancer, AIDS or chronic seizures, to improve their quality of life by granting them access to doctor-prescribed marijuana. However, when a medical marijuana dispensary is proposed in a particular area, the "not in my neighborhood" crowd comes out in force.

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Some opponents point to zoning or traffic concerns to paint themselves in a compassionate light. They also remind us to "think of the children," as if a young passerby would be able to wander into a dispensary and smoke a joint or be offered a hit by a patient on his way out. This is baseless fear-mongering.

Matthew Zeidman, New Hyde Park