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Letter: Medicare-like system for vets?

Philip Moschitta, left, director of the Northport Veterans

Philip Moschitta, left, director of the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center; Ronald Brattain, center, chief engineer for the medical center, and Maria Favale, associate director of the medical center, at the site of the proposed assisted living facility on Friday, April 4, 2014. Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

I am a Vietnam veteran who has been receiving excellent care at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northport for 12 years ["LI lawmakers seek VA explanation," News, June 13].

However, from the beginning I recognized the inefficiency of this facility maintaining so much land -- it even has a 9-hole golf course -- and so many buildings that could be developed and added to the tax base.

Many vets must travel a great distance to the VA. The system originated in the 1940s, when few people had health insurance. Why not replace it with a Medicare-like system for veterans? I know that the conversion would be difficult for some, and there would be serious resistance from vested interests, but the long-range benefits would accrue to both the veterans and the taxpayers.

Steve Sullivan, West Babylon