In "Did Marine officer push too hard?" [Opinion, July 24], columnist Cathy Young compares apples and oranges. Our society has become too preoccupied with women trying to be men and men trying to be women.

A Marine Corps commanding officer, Lt. Col. Kate Germano, was fired, allegedly for trying to increase equality between male and female Marines. Germano correctly argued that if the male Marines don't have chairs to sit on, neither should the females. If only 7 percent of the men failed at the rifle range and 21 percent of the women did, she found that unacceptable. In a year, she raised the female standard of qualification from 79 percent to 91 percent! If you want equality, then earn equality.

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However, the column still does not address that in the world where physical effort is critical for success, men and women are not equal. Marines train to save our lives, as do police officers and firefighters. They must be held to higher, rigid and equal standards. Do you want the one who can't lift you, nor drag you to safety?

If women want equality, then earn equality. That means there should be no shorter distances, lighter weights or any compensation for them being women.

Kevin L. McCrudden, Smithtown