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Letter: Minimum wage hike a false solution

Bob Commike, a teamster from Plainview, LI, was

Bob Commike, a teamster from Plainview, LI, was one of the participants in Herald Square. Photo Credit: Sheila Anne Feeney

The Democrats in the State Assembly need to get jobs -- in the real world, that is. This insanity to raise minimum wage to the highest rate in the nation -- $15 and hour by 2018 -- under the banner that it's a moral obligation to help struggling families is pure hogwash ["Fix NY's minimum wage," Editorial, March 15]. It's pandering by elected officials to buy votes.

If you want to help struggling families, start with our electric bills and property taxes, which are among the highest in the nation.

Enabling individuals to stay in low-salary, entry-level jobs while making them falsely believe that they can earn enough to raise a family is morally corrupt. In fact, it relieves elected officials of the burden to do what they're elected to do, which is help businesses build the economy.

Tom D'Antonio, Northport