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Letter: Mistreating Muslims makes us less safe

Demonstrators sit down in the concourse and hold

Demonstrators sit down in the concourse and hold a sign that reads "We are America," as more than 1,000 people gather at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, to protest President Donald Trump's order that restricts immigration to the U.S., Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017, in Seattle. Credit: AP

The more Muslims in our country, the safer we are [“Court keeps ban on hold,” News, Feb. 6]. Their presence provides us with a certain kind of kinship with those who are terrorists. The threat of terrorism comes from the motivation of those relatively few Muslims and other groups who commit such heinous acts for no rational purpose. They are motivated by jealousy and hatred, and it will be impossible to stop them as long as they desire to continue. Our principal concern must be in deterring them from selecting our country as their victim.

The mistreatment of Muslims and others from countries where terrorists live constitutes a grave threat to our people, even more so than the risk posed by permitting them to enter out country. Measures must be implemented to vet them, but a certain balance is intelligent.

Risk cannot be completely overcome, it can only be kept to the best minimum. That is the awful situation that exists in today’s world.


Robert Wilson, West Islip