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Letter: Mobile homes need state’s protection

Diana Ruvolo, a neighbor of Rose and Sal

Diana Ruvolo, a neighbor of Rose and Sal Allocco, is trying to help the couple after they were in a car accident. Saturday, April 30, 2016. Credit: Barry Sloan

Thank you for the article about Rose and Sal Allocco, who were facing eviction from the Lakewood mobile home park in Calverton [“Aid for senior couple,” News, May 4].

What’s happened since the article was published in Newsday and posted on Newsday’s Facebook page is amazing. Donors have given thousands of dollars to help them return to their home after nursing home stays.

Residents of mobile- and manufactured-home parks need more legal protection. We have been fighting for more than eight years to pass a bill in Albany that would prevent park owners from raising rents too much. The Assembly passes the bill, but it never gets out of the Housing Committee in the Senate.

Living in a mobile-home park, for many, is no longer affordable housing.

Pauline Sandmann, Riverhead

Editor’s note: The writer is the president of the Mobile/Manufactured Homeowers Association of Suffolk.