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Letter: Money threatens plutocracy

2008 -- Stock photo of an old-fashioned gold

2008 -- Stock photo of an old-fashioned gold watch resting on a Benjamin Franklin, $100, one hundred dollar bill. Photo credit: istock Photo Credit: ISTOCK/

I agree with the letter "Taking money out of politics" [Sept. 11]. While the writer's solution -- shortening campaigns to one or two months -- is worthy of consideration, there is another: a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This amendment would settle the legality of corporate personhood and the concept that money is speech by reversing the Citizens United decision.

Without such a definitive action, the very existence of our democracy stands in jeopardy. We stand to become a plutocracy, a country in which the wealthy class rules to the exclusion of the masses.

Many individuals and organizations are working toward overturning Citizens United. Indeed our president has recently expressed his support of an amendment.

Locally, there is a group, Move to Amend/Brookhaven, which is attempting to get the Brookhaven Town Council to support this initiative. I am a member, and I would encourage anyone concerned about the influence of money in elections to get involved.

Vinni Ercole, Port Jefferson Station