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Letter: Monthly riders need a break too

LIRR riders wait in lines to purchase their

LIRR riders wait in lines to purchase their train tickets before boarding their rush hour train out of Penn Station in Manhattan. (July 2, 2012) Photo Credit: Nancy Borowick

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is going to extend the life of some of its train tickets ["MTA to extend ticket validity" News, July 24]. How about the commuters who pay so much for monthly tickets? If we go on vacation for two weeks out of the four, and it doesn't fall exactly from a Monday to a Friday, we still are stuck paying for a monthly ticket because there are no cheaper alternatives.

You can't economically buy a weekly ticket if you start vacation in the middle of the week, and a 10-trip ticket costs more for the time you are commuting. The MTA does nothing for the monthly riders, and they raise our rates all the time.

The federal government is no better; it took away our commuter tax benefit. And the Long Island Rail Road stopped giving 2 percent discounts to people who mail in for monthly tickets.

So we pay more for the same lousy service; dirty, dilapidated trains; and conductors who cut corners. Not only that, but my line is one of those affected by East Side Access track work, so we are standing room only. They didn't give us a two-month ticket break for the inconvenience.

The only way we would see any improvement is if the politicians and the MTA bosses and their families had to ride the LIRR every day.

Gail Pizzigati, Oceanside