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Good Evening

Letter: More attention for East End noise

East Hampton's seasonal airport control tower.

East Hampton's seasonal airport control tower. Credit: Handout

I read "Residents speak out on copter noise" [News, Aug. 12], and I feel for those East Enders. I understand why they are upset. But it's a good thing they don't live in Carle Place or Mineola, because we have those things ripping over our homes and businesses constantly, from late Thursday until late Monday afternoon.

We live nowhere near either shore, the Hamptons or an airport. Politicians love to tout their success and are always at the ready for a photo-op regarding this issue, but they haven't done anything to help mid-Nassau County residents regarding the noise.

I guess we don't have the glamour, money or prestige of those out East, so we don't get the publicity, recognition or even a sniff of assistance from our elected officials to aid our "quality of life."

Maybe we should hold a rally, and we can all bring cameras. I'll bet that at least one politician would show up.

Howard Curtis, Carle Place