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Letter: More fear over Clinton’s actions

In this Aug. 15, 2016 photo, Democratic presidential

In this Aug. 15, 2016 photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks in Scranton, Pa. Credit: AP

William F.B. O’Reilly, a Republican, writes columns that seem designed to cause our candidate to lose and ensure a Hillary Clinton victory [“For Trump, a half-apology is a start,” Opinion, Aug. 21].

O’Reilly has missed the great, meaningful content in the last three Donald Trump speeches and can only focus on a Trump apology for hurtful comments he’s made. Eighty percent of why O’Reilly can’t support Trump seems to be his cruel and untethered tongue and lack of manners.

My fears are over things that have transpired regarding Clinton: Her failure with security via her private email server, her scandals going back decades, bungled Middle East policies, destroyed detente with Russia. I don’t want Bill Clinton to be our first spouse, with his bad reputation with women.

Gordon Tomei, Centerport