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Letter: More should consider adoption

This letter is in response to "Legacy of Roe: More single moms?" [Opinion, Jan. 24].

We were saddened that the two authors thought there were only two options for an unplanned pregnancy: abortion or keeping the child and living a life in poverty. Naomi Cahn and June Carbone, both law professors, failed to mention the other solution: adoption.

We are the proud adoptive parents of two wonderful daughters, ages 11 and 6. We will never be able to thank their birth mothers enough for their truly unselfish gift to us. Both birth mothers had very different reasons for giving their children to adoption. Is it a tough choice? Absolutely, but it's a choice where the child truly comes first.

The reason that prospective adoptive parents have to wait so long is that there are not enough babies available. Women who face an unplanned pregnancy could make a choice that will make them a hero for the rest of their lives.

Christine and Greg Harrington, Farmingdale