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Letter: More to story of Lynbrook taxi bids

David O'Neill, owner of Village Car Service, at

David O'Neill, owner of Village Car Service, at the Lynbrook train station. Village Car Service also bid on the Lynbrook parking spaces.(March 15, 2013) Credit: Linda Rosier

Regarding "Fare fight; Taxi company takes its battle over parking at the LIRR station to court" [News, March 19], Newsday didn't accurately convey the nature of the dispute and what is really at stake. Printing the amount of the bids without all the facts makes it seem like All Island Taxi simply lost its parking spaces by underbidding in a fair bid between two companies providing the same services. In reality, the services and costs for the two bidders are vastly different, and the Village of Lynbrook and the Long Island Rail Road are looking to increase their revenues without considering what is best for commuters and residents of Lynbrook.

All Island Taxi has served the Lynbrook station for 50 years and built the wheelchair-accessible office and waiting room building next to the station; the Metropolitan Transportation Authority owns the land the building is on. All Island Taxi has every right to remove the building if it loses the parking spaces.

The bid process failed to take into account the $100,000-plus expense to build the structure. The higher bidder has a non-wheelchair-accessible office across an intersection, more than 500 feet away.

Additionally, All Island Taxi has new vehicles and a larger fleet to serve the public, including sedans, town cars, vans and wheelchair-accessible taxis, which the winning bidder does not provide. Without all these expenses, the other company can certainly afford to bid higher for the parking spaces.

Janet Meadows, Franklin Square

Editor's note: The writer is a friend of the family that owns All Island Taxi.