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Letter: Mostly male, mostly white tech team

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano.

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Looking at the photo that ran with the article "New tech team for Nassau" [News, April 11], I was immediately struck by who wasn't at the table with County Executive Edward Mangano. Of the 16 people at the table, there's one woman down at the end. Otherwise, most everyone else is a white male.

In my opinion, this photo represents exactly what is wrong with our county. Where is the diversity? Is it possible that a team composed of leaders in the fields of software, information technology and tech education on Long Island couldn't be more diverse than this?

If it indeed can't, because there aren't enough minorities to fill that table, then that should be the organizers' first order of business. But I suspect they didn't look hard enough.

Renee McGrath, Bellmore