I almost laughed when I read "Crackdown fallout" [News, Aug. 16]. Montauk businesses say they're losing money because of a crackdown on disruptive partying.

I was in Montauk the week of Aug. 10. On a Saturday night, there was mayhem going on in the streets surrounding the Sloppy Tuna, near my hotel. I will never go back to Montauk for a Saturday stay.

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If Montauk really wants to get serious, town officials need to start setting up drunken-driving stops around downtown and have some cops patrol on foot from 2 to 4 a.m. We were up all night and saw crowds of heavily intoxicated young people walking in the middle of the street, singing, yelling and fistfighting.

If Montauk doesn't get its act together, fewer families like mine will be going out, and then you'll really see the money drain away.

Kathleen Burkitt Velez, Queens Village