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Letter: Mountains of leaves are a street hazard

Leaves on Long Island.

Leaves on Long Island. Credit: Instagram user mitchtrinka

Autumn brings nature's spectacular color show to Long Island, and invariably my neighbors think they should rake the piles off their lawns and into massive curbside mountains. This reduces already narrow streets into one-lane hazards.

These leaf piles make navigating in the daylight a challenge for walkers, runners or cyclists, and it's even worse after dark. According to the Town of Hempstead, this action is illegal; however, officials tell me they cannot issue a summons unless a homeowner is caught in the act.

Leaf hills neatly lining a property's curbside are not evidence enough for our esteemed officials. People should just do the right thing and consider the dangerous conditions they create when they use the street as a dumping ground. Take the trouble to bag the leaves.

Marleen Fenton, East Meadow