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Letter: Muni-meters hard on disabled

I recently read that Huntington was planning a muni-meter system to make it easier to collect parking fees ["Town to introduce muni-meter system," News, July 26].

I have a handicapped placard because I have gout, arthritis and poor circulation, all of which makes walking quite painful. Recently I parked in front of a store to shop, but when I tried to pay, I was directed to a payment station across a street and another half a block distant.

This is inconvenient for everyone, but especially for people who can barely stand the pain of walking. Handicapped spaces are designated to help us park close to a store so we won't have to walk so far.

The muni system defeats the purpose by adding additional distance, especially if you must walk back to your car to put a receipt in the windshield. The best solution would be to exempt people with handicapped placards from paying. We could leave a note indicating when we parked so we would not exceed the time limit.

Ray Jacobs, Cambria Heights