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Letter: Mute swans are not the problem

A mute swan swims with its offspring in

A mute swan swims with its offspring in Cold Spring Harbor on May 2, 1999. Photo Credit: Newsday / Bill Davis

I applaud Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s action to save the mute swans, and I find the objections expressed by a recent letter writer highly unreasonable [“NY must address invasive mute swans,” Dec. 16].

The world is full of “invasive” species, and it’s a fact of life. Humans are one of the most invasive species. Since humans left their original habitat in East Africa about 50,000 years ago, they have transformed the environment wherever they settled and have caused the extinction of many animal and plant species.

Why pick on the mute swans?

Theo Pavlidis, Setauket

Editor’s note: The writer is professor emeritus of computer science at Stony Brook University.


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