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Letter: N. Hempstead raise an 'outrage'

North Hempstead Town Hall in Manhasset on March

North Hempstead Town Hall in Manhasset on March 5, 2012. Credit: Nicole Bartoline

An absolute outrage is being perpetrated on the residents of the Town of North Hempstead with the obscene salary increases town officials are slated to vote for themselves on Dec. 10 ["N. Hempstead board mulls 37.5% pay hike," News, Nov. 18].

When so many town residents live from paycheck to paycheck, to read that these officials even think of raising their salaries, given that some have other jobs with other income, is beyond the pale.

For interim Town Supervisor John Riordan to make the ludicrous statement that these increases would "come out of the town's contingency fund and would not increase the tax rate or cause the 2014 budget to pierce the state cap" is totally absurd! Where does he think the contingency fund came from? The taxpayers, of course. So, the taxpayers are funding these increases.

Stanley L. Ronell, Port Washington