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Letter: Nanny state eyes junk food

It was with great fear that I read the opinion piece "Today's 'demon rum' " [Opinion, Sept. 16] by Deborah Cohen and Lila Rabinovich.

The authors attempt to justify depriving American citizens of the right to eat and drink what we wish by saying that it's necessary to help us "moderate our diets." They assert that the government should be given the right to standardize portions of foods served away from home, prohibit the sale of "junk food" at certain locations and dictate where certain foods can be located within a store.

They tell us that this would be done to protect us from becoming addicted to junk food and eventually from becoming obese. Handing the government any more authority over our citizens is poor judgment and is un-American.

Sadly, many people do not know what a healthy diet looks like. Many others merely lack self-control. Why should all citizens of our country lose their rights because others refuse to control or inform themselves? What ever happened to self-determination, self-control and liberty?

Michael J. Cisek, East Islip