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Letter: Nassau should bond and repay taxes

Legislative Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams (D-Freeport) at a

Legislative Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams (D-Freeport) at a news conference in Mineola. (Feb. 22, 2011) Photo Credit: Barry Sloan

Nassau County Legislature Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams (D-Freeport) requires a lesson in civics ["Tax refund push renewed," News, Nov. 18]. His recent explanation of why he and fellow Democrats in the legislature willfully refuse to take the steps necessary to bond repayment of money owed to taypayers is a vivid illustration of irresponsible governing motivated by self-preservation.

Abrahams forgets the purpose of the legislative branch: to serve the interests and protect the rights of the people. The people of Nassau County deserve to be fairly taxed, and when it is determined by judicial order that tax money was improperly taken from them, they deserve and have a right to be repaid promptly.

Rather than facilitate repayment, Abrahams apparently would prefer that the people of Nassau County remain silently overtaxed, risking loss of their property should they not timely pay their tax bills and, if they dare to successfully challenge their assessments, wait years until leaders deem it politically expedient to repay them.

Michael R. Martone

Rise E. Rosen


Editor's note: The writers work for a law firm that concentrates in tax certiorari.


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