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Letter: National Grid is heavy-handed

Pam Siegman, seen here at her Port Washington

Pam Siegman, seen here at her Port Washington home Friday, Sept 18, 2015, said she was hounded by National Grid about a late payment while her husband was dying. Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

I read with interest the article about a National Grid worker driving to a woman's home seeking to collect her bill payment or shut off her gas ["Her clash with utility," News, Sept. 28].

As someone who has gotten calls when my National Grid bill was even one day late, I can sympathize with Pam Siegman. She was apparently harassed over her bill while dealing with the illness and death of her husband.

National Grid is very heavy-handed in its practices, as this article attests and as many have experienced. I recently sold my home and was supposed to get a final bill from National Grid. When I received two bills on the same day, I called and was told in a rude and condescending manner that only one was payable as the final bill. If I had unwittingly paid both, I wonder whether National Grid would have refunded me? Our government officials should look into this provider.

Michael Tartaglia, Franklin Square