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Letter: Natural gas plan promotes fracking

This is an artist rendering. Liberty Natural Gas

This is an artist rendering. Liberty Natural Gas has submitted a plan to set up a natural gas transfer port off Jones Beach and supply the downstate region with natural gas from overseas. (May 2, 2013) Credit: Liberty Natural Gas

I attended the open discussion on the proposed Liberty Natural Gas transfer station, 19 miles south of Jones Beach ["Ire over gas plan," News, July 10]. This meeting was an attempt to ram through another greedy gas company project, with very little advance notice to the public.

The intent with regard to this Port Ambrose project is blatantly clear: Gain the license to import liquid natural gas that we don't need, and then switch to exporting gas obtained from hydrofracking in New York.

We do not need a floating ground zero in the middle of a highly populated area with marine shipping. This site is indefensible from any determined assault by suicide boats, planes or scuba divers. There are no counterterrorism plans in place, nor do there seem to be any provisions to deal with a major hurricane.

Larry Cowden, South Hempstead