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Letter: Need the best to protect country

Dealing with a recidivist inmate such as Jerome

Dealing with a recidivist inmate such as Jerome Washington, the inmate involved in the confrontation, is a nightmare for anyone working in any correctional facility. Credit: Michael E. Ach, 2007

As a proud military mother, I take exception to "Send jailed inmates to serve in military" [Letters, May 23]. The day my son Kevin graduated from Air Force boot camp was the proudest moment of my life. Kevin chose to join the service to show his allegiance and pride for our country.

It was the hardest eight weeks of his life, but he did it and deserved all the honors that go along with serving our country. To even suggest that jailed inmates should be sent to boot camp is an insult to all our young men and women who willingly fight for our country.

My son and his unit developed trust and honor toward each other and our country. These are the people we want protecting our country -- not someone who's there as a form of punishment.

Keep inmates where they belong: behind bars.

Andrea Bretscher, Valley Stream