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Letter: New town ethics code stops short

Huntington Town Hall is located at 100 Main

Huntington Town Hall is located at 100 Main St. in Huntington. Credit: Carl Corry

The proposed ethics code for the Town of Huntington is a good start; however, it still falls short on the critical aspects of promoting transparency, increasing enforceability and providing education ["Ethics code gets feedback," News, May 6].

With regard to transparency, requests for advisory opinions should be made public after redacting personal information, similar to Suffolk County's practice. Also, specific penalties for failing to file disclosure statements timely should be incorporated into the code.

Mandatory Web-based training is a cost-effective and efficient way for elected officials and town employees to learn, and it would enhance the town's ability to track compliance with the training mandate.

Thomas M. McNally, Dix Hills

Editor's note: The writer is a member of the Huntington Republican Law Committee.