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Letter: New York Dream Act? Dream on

College students from the Long Island Immigrant Students

College students from the Long Island Immigrant Students Association rally in support of New York's Dream Act at Nassau County Community College. The Dream Act is legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants to receive financial aid from the state which today is not available to them. (Feb. 16, 2012) Credit: Jessica Earnshaw

Dream Act for whom? Certainly not for legal immigrants or for people born in this country ["Immigrants lobby pol over Dream Act," News, March 29].

State Sen. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley), stick to your guns. I wholeheartedly agree. Let's first take care of those born here legally, then documented immigrants who come here legally and then, maybe, if there is anything left, consider illegal immigrants.

If they cannot find decent jobs after age 18, perhaps they should return to their parents' countries and continue their educations there.

June Votava, Yaphank