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Letter: No business as usual during wartime

A gun show.

A gun show. Credit: News12

I read with some amusement Michael Dobie’s column “On guns: It’s the economy, stupid” [Opinion, Dec. 6]. As a veteran, I thought it was naive.

I did agree with him, though, about not going to various malls and stores, so it would hurt them financially and force elected leaders to react. But let’s ensure that businesses and leaders react appropriately, and not just with more “feel good, guns are bad” hysterics.

Citizens will begin restricting travels because, a) They recognize we are a nation at war, on our turf; b) Our leaders and these businesses will not allow legitimate and licensed citizens to defend themselves (and others) with firearms at malls and other public places; and c) Citizens will recognize, as most veterans and military already do, that when at war, you can’t just continue business as usual. If you do, you could die.

If businesses and elected officials want to advertise their sites and locations as soft targets by declaring them “gun free zones,” then, yes, they will suffer economically. But the more restrictions, the easier we make the enemy’s planning.

Frank Miller, Port Jefferson