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Letter: No Indian logo in lot is a wise decision

A student group's plan to paint an American

A student group's plan to paint an American Indian, the Syosset High School mascot, onto the school's parking lot has been scrapped after a student-led forum on Friday. Credit:

I am pleased that the plan to paint “an American Indian” on the Syosset High School parking lot was defeated [“Plan to paint mascot in school lot scrapped,” News, Nov. 8]. Congratulations, in particular, to the students who argued against it.

When I taught my elective course, American Indian studies, at Syosset High School, the topic of Indian-based names, mascots and logos always brought about a spirited class discussion.

Yes, some Indian groups have no problem with these names, but many Indians and non-Indians see them as wrong. Some colleges and high schools have changed their mascots. For example, the St. John’s Redmen are now the Red Storm.

Do these names honor a people with a rich and varied culture, or disrespect a people who suffered one of the most significant injustices in American history?

Chet Lukaszewski, Huntington

Editor’s note: The writer is a retired Syosset High School social studies teacher.