For once our elected officials are listening [“No Nassau casino,” News, March 31]! New York residents are fed up with schemes that do not address the problems of the people.

Years ago, New York allowed the creation of off-track betting. The big lie was that OTB would put the bookies out of business, create jobs and give extra money to education.

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All that OTB created was an opportunity to place party members in jobs. OTB in both New York City and Nassau County became bloated patronage mills. Then adding insult to injury, the state tacked a surcharge on winning wagers at OTB parlors of as much as 6 percent. This drove down the appeal of what was already a marginal industry. OTB never had a chance.

Mercifully, New York City put its OTB out of its misery. Nassau has not had the wisdom to do the same. Let the county dissolve OTB, put the video-lottery terminals at Aqueduct, and use the money to pay off OTB debts and put Nassau County on a sound financial footing.

Mark Tarantino, Freeport