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Letter: No need to arm guards of liberals

An election campaign yard sign against the New

An election campaign yard sign against the New York Safe Act is shown in Clarksville, N.Y. on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014. Credit: Hans Pennink

No need to arm

their guards

A letter writer suggested that pro-Second Amendment presidential candidates such as Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz should stop screening for guns at any speech, gathering or event they attend [“No need to screen for weapons,” Letters, Jan. 24].

Allow me to go him one better. How about all the pro gun-control liberals — such as President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg — completely disarm their families’ bodyguards and security details? After all, what better way for them to illustrate their commitment?

Gerald M. Esposito