The Newsday editorial "Now watching Nassau finances" [Sept. 19] got it partly right.

Jon Kaiman left the Town of North Hempstead in a debt situation that shouldn't qualify him for dogcatcher, let alone chairman of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority.

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The point of creating NIFA was to have an impartial group of financial experts to oversee the county's costs and expenditures. Ronald Stack, the departing chairman, will be missed. We can credit him with keeping County Executive Edward Mangano in check and our taxes in order. But when did service on the NIFA committee become a popularity contest?

New Yorkers to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo: The people are sick of this revolving door of politicians. Putting Kaiman in this position, when he has no background in finance, throws away the very premise of NIFA and creates another political tentacle of our government we clearly do not need.

James Warwick, Port Washington