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Letter: No special insurance for gov’t officials

An Obamacare protester at the Supreme Court in

An Obamacare protester at the Supreme Court in an undated photo. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Some politicians seem determined to repeal the Affordable Care Act despite polls that show that most Americans favor having some kind of health insurance [“Trump: I’ll win NY in Nov.,” News, May 12].

Replacement plans are vague, so here is an option to consider: Each member of Congress is provided with a health care package when taking office; give that package to every American.

I would expect Congress to say that would bankrupt our country. To resolve that problem, I suggest that a committee be formed, including people from both houses and parties, and from the health care and insurance industries.

The committee would meet in private and create a plan that would form the coverage for every person in this country, including people at all levels of government. In this way, government officials would finally have a stake, and every decision they made would have the same impact on them as the rest of the country.

The bottom line is, they work for us!

James Conner, Rocky Point