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Letter: Noisy neighborhood near airport

A Southwest Airline flight at MacArthur Airport in

A Southwest Airline flight at MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma. (Dec. 1, 2011) Credit: Chris Ware

A letter writer says he owns a home near Long Island MacArthur Airport and must endure the noise and disruption ["Consider residents near MacArthur," July 1]. Frankly, I find this attitude disingenuous, selfish and, unfortunately, not uncommon.

Many Long Islanders have no problem throwing our collective economic well-being under the bus to protect their own interests. The stagnation of MacArthur, and the failure of the Town of Hempstead to properly develop the Coliseum and retain the Islanders, are just two examples where our leaders have caved to NIMBYs.

MacArthur has been providing airline service since the 1960s. Unless this writer purchased his home 60 years ago, he must recognize that he alone made a decision to buy a home near a commercial airport. When does common sense come into play?

Glenn Goldberg, Baldwin