The recent article about the decrease in flights at Long Island MacArthur Airport ignores a specific problem that I have tried to address by contacting Southwest Airlines ["Steep decline in flights," News, June 2].

Years ago, we flew nonstop on Southwest from MacArthur to Las Vegas to see our son and grandson. The flights both ways were full; then the direct flight was eliminated. The response I got from the airline was that there was a lack of demand, which is completely untrue.

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The flights now involve multiple plane changes and take seven to nine and a half hours. In addition to time for waiting, boarding and collecting baggage, the flight to Las Vegas is an all-day ordeal. Medical difficulties make that prohibitive, and we have not gone since 2010.

Others we know who used to fly to Las Vegas for entertainment and the casinos feel the same. They have switched their casino travel to Atlantic City.

We had hoped that Jet Blue would enter Long Island, but that didn't happen. Now, since Southwest is the only game in town, it can do whatever it wants.

Barbara Obstgarten, Port Jefferson Station