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Letter: Not racist to favor legal immigration

Donald Trump said "I think profiling is something

Donald Trump said "I think profiling is something that we're going to have to start thinking about as a country." Credit: Getty Images / Mark Wilson

“Donald Trump’s appeal is based on racism” [Opinion, June 11] is pure sophistry and actually explains his appeal.

The writer states that many people who came to this country illegally have gone on to become productive citizens. No doubt. However, the operative word is illegally.

It seems that every time a position is put forth that goes again the liberal agenda, it’s automatically called racist. It’s not racist to promote legal immigration, and it’s not racist to want to protect our country from potentially dangerous terrorists.

Here is the basis for Trump’s popularity: People are tired of being told they’re violating the rights of immigrants here illegally, when that group’s rights come at the expense of citizens’ rights.

Ray Dawson, Huntington