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Letter: NRA's LaPierre is 'hypocritical'

I find a statement by Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association to be hypocritical. He says that Mayor Michael Bloomberg "can't spend enough of his $27 billion to try to impose his will" ["Bloomberg's loaded for NRA," Editorial, March 26].

Isn't that the goal of LaPierre and the NRA membership -- to impose their will on the people of the United States?

Under the guise of protecting Second Amendment rights, the NRA and its lobbyists continually block any attempt at sensible gun-control laws, even though a majority of Americans favor of limits on the sale and ownership of certain types of weapons.

What exactly motivates the NRA? Is it paranoia? Does it really think that owning an AR-15 will prevent the rise of tyranny in our country? Does it really believe that our armed forces will turn on us? If they did, do owners of assault rifles really think they will stop a force armed with tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, mortars and night-vision goggles?

Let's have a real debate about how to keep ourselves safe and end this madness.

Jerry Romano, Bellmore