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Letter: Nude sunbathing isn't 'repulsive'

At a beach on Fire Island with nude,

At a beach on Fire Island with nude, unidentified sun bathers. (April 16, 2002) Photo Credit: Daniel Goodrich

Having read "Nude sunbathing is better restricted" [Letters, March 11], I feel compelled to disagree. I have been frequenting the clothing-optional section of Lighthouse Beach for more than 20 years, and I've failed to notice that "nude sunbathing has become perverse and lewd, and consequently repulsive."

Perhaps because I was busy sunning myself, reading my book or newspaper and socializing with friends, I didn't notice. The letter writer was most likely gawking and getting a vicarious thrill.

Was the writer really forced to walk the "tick-infested back way"? I doubt it. If she had, she would have found a lovely, winding, boardwalk over the dunes from the east end of Robert Moses State Park to Kismet and beyond. I've walked and biked it without encountering a tick.

David Tennenbaum, Islandia