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Letter: NY Educ. Dept. beset by delays


. Credit: Newsday/John Paraskevas

Regarding "State lags on teacher evals" [News, Sept. 11], with the Race to the Top debacle, the rug was pulled out from under school districts, with very little notice, for a one-time financial reward. Huge changes in teacher and building administration evaluations were hastily put together, with absolutely no way to finance them, train people or conduct any trial runs. How does that help the students?

And now, to nobody's surprise, the state Education Department is unable to hold up its end of the process. It is taking months to review the plans that districts broke their backs getting to the Education Department by arbitrary deadlines.

If I, a veteran teacher, set up a lesson such as the one written by Education Department officials, I would be ineffective, and I would be dismissed. As should they.

Beth Shapiro, Oakdale

Editor's note: The writer is a science teacher at Comsewogue High School in Port Jefferson Station.