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Good Afternoon

Letter: NYC should fully fund its pensions

Columnist Peter Goldmark is only partially correct when he writes that New York City borrowed money from the pension funds ["Pensions: kryptonite in mayoral race," Opinion, Aug. 25].

He forgets that when the pensions were generating returns of nearly 15 percent, the city government did not contribute to the fund, and it took every penny in excess of the required yield.

The promise was that if things got bad, the city would make up the shortfall. Well, things are now bad, and what is the city's position?

Goldmark wants to blame the people whom the city is now attempting to defraud, by claiming they are getting too much, rather than blaming the government that was given a legal right to steal.

Judith Durah, Spring Creek

Editor's note: The writer is retired from the city school system.