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Letter: Observation-deck prices are sky high

The Manhattan skyline is seen from the One

The Manhattan skyline is seen from the One World Trade Center observation deck in Manhattan. (April 2, 2013) Credit: Victor J. Blue

I was flabbergasted to find out the prices for admission to the observation decks on tall buildings in New York City ["Top of the world," News, April 8]. Tickets at 1 World Trade Center will range from $26 to $32 per person. Some other skyscrapers charge even more.

I feel sorry for a family of four visiting our fair city from out of state or abroad to fulfill a lifelong dream, only to find it will cost them more than $100!

Yes, the buildings are landmarks and the views are spectacular when the visibility is unlimited. (Any discount for a less-than-clear day?)

However, I feel the fees are exorbitant, and a $2 or $3 discount for seniors isn't much. Also, what about a discount for our veterans?

I thought Disney World was overpriced, but at least you get a whole day of rides and shows!

Angela Romano, Deer Park