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Letter: Offshore wind is next step for Guv


4. LIPA CEDES CONTROL TO PSEG - After questions were raised about LIPA's management, finances and response time after superstorm Sandy, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo proposed a plan that gave PSEG, a New Jersey utility company, nearly complete control of the Long Island power grid, replacing the LIPA brand with a new entity, PSEG-LI. On Oct. 3, LIPA trustees approved Cuomo's effort to reform the utility. Read the full story Credit: Steve Pfost

I'm writing in response to the editorial "Long Island's power reboot" [Aug. 1]. Now that the deal for the Long Island Power Authority is done, it's time we started to seriously address the real villain that appeared during superstorm Sandy: the increasing intensity of storms due to climate disruption. We as Long Islanders should be calling for action just as vehemently as we asked for answers about LIPA's poor storm response.

We are uniquely vulnerable to the rising tides, and our elected officials need to not only acknowledge the threat but put forth policy that will secure us in the long term. We can't afford new natural gas power plants or ports off our shore that will lock us into burning fossil fuels for decades. We need to make investments in clean renewable energy.

Fortunately, the geography that threatens us provides us with the solution as well: offshore wind. Last week, the Department of the Interior awarded two leases for offshore wind farms off the coasts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Future projects are being discussed in New Jersey and Virginia. Long Island should buy power from the New England project, while pursuing our own project off the coast of Long Beach.

If Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo wants to leave a lasting legacy with regard to Long Island's power supply, he should focus on changing our power generation, not just swapping logos on the trucks.

Matthew Kearns, North Babylon