I was disappointed in Newsday’s endorsement of Democrat Adam Haber for the 7th Senate District [“Newsday endorses: New York State Senate,” Oct. 28].

The key issue that concerns me is that Haber has the support of teachers unions. I believe the unions’ positions would adversely affect school budgets and the quality of education.

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There are key changes we need in Albany, such as reform of the Triborough Amendment of the Taylor Law, which continues salary increases even after a contract expires. This gives teachers unions an unfair negotiating advantage over school boards, which represent taxpayers and students.

We also need to pay teachers based in part on performance, rather than giving automatic increases across the board. We should give young, well-performing teachers a chance to keep their jobs when layoffs occur, rather than favoring people based on seniority.

Elaine Phillips is the better candidate.

Women line up to vote for the first time in New York after the passage of the 19th Amendment, New York, New York, 1920. (Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images) Photo Credit: Getty Images / Underwood Archives

Frank J. Russo Jr., Port Washington

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Editor’s note: The writer serves on the executive committee of Long Islanders for Educational Reform and is president of the Port Washington Educational Assembly.