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Letters: Op-ed writer doesn’t speak for all Jews

Donald Trump tweeted he was

Donald Trump tweeted he was "working hard" to keep jobs in the U.S. on Thanksgiving. Credit: Getty Images

The opinion piece “Trump confirms our worst fears” was disconcerting [Opinion, Nov. 23].

The writer opened with a description of the Jewish community watching “with trepidation what has unfolded in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election.” He then attacks American Jews who strongly support the policies of the democratically elected government of Israel, couching his positions in terms of fighting bigotry.

The author of that piece represents J Street, a far-left organization. Its stances have been rejected by the larger Jewish community and mainstream Jewish organizations. Neither he nor the organization he represents is a spokesman for what the Jewish community might be watching or doing.

This was demonstrated by the rejection of J Street from membership in the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, an umbrella organization of 51 national Jewish organizations. The conference and its members have rejected J Street’s underlying principles, which weaken the American Jewish community, weaken Israel and contain at their heart an implicit repudiation of belief in, and support of, the national aspirations of the Jewish people.

Bernard A. Bilawsky, North Massapequa


J Street op-ed writer Logan Bayroff is absolutely far left. His piece tries only to instill fear among Jews.

J Street’s beliefs on how Israel should run its government and how it deals with the settlements make you think they are more anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli.

Unfortunately, Bayroff does not mention that one of Trump’s most trusted advisers is his son-in-law, an Orthodox Jew. His wife, Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, converted to Judaism. Why would any American Jew fear a Trump administration or the people he chooses to help run it?

Jeff Odintz, Elmont