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Letter: Open more waterfront to the public

Greenpoint boasts Transmitter Park along the waterfront.

Greenpoint boasts Transmitter Park along the waterfront. Credit: Jeremy Bales

Why are people always trying to build housing on waterfronts [“Protest on waterfront,” News, May 16]?

The waterfront should belong to the public, yet public access to the water is being lost all the time. Open space on Long Island is a precious commodity.

What about restoring some wetlands while you’re at it? Parks and esplanades would be a good public use. Even a public marina would give the public more value than condominiums, especially if it had ramps available for small boats and slips available to transients. A marina not restricted to residents would be a big draw for tourists because other ramps on the Island are restricted to local residents or club members.

We also need to make our waterfronts more resilient to storm surges. Putting housing in harm’s way only turns a storm into a costly natural disaster.

John Eastlund


Editor’s note: The writer is a former marine geologist.